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👋🏾 Hi! I’m Jareau Wadé (pronounced: juh-row wah-day), a writer and entrepreneur living in Atlanta, GA. This site is mainly a place to publish my annual reviews but from time to time I also write about soccer, coffee, comics, and film.

Here's a quick tour of what I’ve done in the past:

  • Platform product management at Arcadia, an energy data company.
  • Write Batch Processing, an online publication covering the people, companies, and ideas driving the fintech industry forward.
  • Led growth/comms/marketing at Finix, a payments infrastructure provider processing tens of billions of dollars a year for tens of thousands of merchants and platforms.
  • Helped create The Cap Table Coalition, a network of over 700 Black, Latino/a, LGBTQ+, Native American, women, and other traditionally marginalized investors as well as high-growth startups committed to closing the racial wealth gap. Within the first year, CTC investors put over $27M to work in 48 funding rounds.
  • Led product partnerships at Pinterest with a focus on visual search and e-commerce.
  • Played a tiny role in bringing to life the film The Last Black Man in San Francisco, which won the Special Jury Award for Creative Collaboration and Directing Award at Sundance 2019.
  • Led growth for Tilt Pro, a payments and customer referral tool that powered some of the largest pre-order crowdfunding campaigns of the mid-2010s. Tilt was acquired by Airbnb in 2017.
  • Created and edited The Prototype, a weekly newsletter featuring the latest and greatest in consumer electronics (10K subscribers, 40% open rate, 6.5% click rate).
  • Co-founded Balanced, a payments infrastructure provider for platforms, which was acquired by Stripe in 2015.
  • Led the data acquisition team (5 engineers and 5 offshore data analysts) as the first employee at Milo, a local shopping search engine bought by eBay in Dec. 2010.
  • Helped start MEST, a technology-entrepreneurship training institute in Accra, Ghana. I was MEST’s first entrepreneurship/business teaching fellow.
  • Built a wildland firefighter location and health monitoring system as part of my electrical engineering capstone project in college.

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Contact: info@batchprocessing.co

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